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How to check your Spanish Movistar credit level

If you would like to check the credit level on your Spanish Movistar Pay as You Go mobile phone, follow the following instructions:

– Make a call to the number 2266, your credit will then be sent to you via SMS text message. The cost of the call is €0.15 plus taxes.


– Type the following code *133# and then press the call button. The first balance check is free and the rest are charged at €0.15 plus taxes.

If you need to top up your Movistar Pay as You Go mobile phone, click here to top up credit online immediately.

15 Responses

  1. An interesting service. A long time in coming. ¡Gracias!

    • Canaries Telecom

      Hi Philip,

      Thank you! We thought so too!

      I notice you have your own site. Have you looked at our affiliate page? You can add the service to your own website and earn commission for top ups. Drop me a line at info@canariestelecom.com for more info.

      All the best.

  2. Siobhan

    Hi. Im trying to retrieve my credit balance in ireland off a spanish phone. All that comes up is unknown application?

    • Canaries Telecom

      Hi Siobhan,

      How are you trying to get the credit information and where are you getting this message?


  3. Walter van Moolenbroek

    How can i check the credit on a dungle (USB internet stick)? Do I type *133# and then the number of that simcard?

    • Canaries Telecom

      Hi, we’re not sure! We have been unable to find a way to do this at the moment I’m afraid. The only way we know is to make a call from the SIM card to the number above (which of course is not possible from a USB stick). Sorry we have not been able to help more on this one. If we find a way we will post it here!

  4. Anita Fischbacher


    I have a USB-Stick from Movistar but no spanish phone, so no way I can put that SIM card into a phone to use it. My problem now is that I always need to send a text saying I want another 50 MB of internet although the money is already on the stick I need to text them every time I want another 50 MB. Pretty annoying because I always have to find somebody with a spanish phone.

    Do you know any online solution for this problem?



    • Canaries Telecom

      Hi Anita, does the Movistar software not have the ability to send SMS? I thought that it came with the ability to sue messages? Does your USB stick software not have SMS capability in the menu? What version software do you have?

  5. Mark Saxton

    I have a PAYG Movistar SIM bought on Fuerteventura. I enter the 9 digit number on your Movistar top up page though the top up amount is greyed out. It seems my number is not accepted? number is: 609 957 9** (deleted last two numbers!) The area code 609 is valid for Movistar ES I think.

    • Canaries Telecom

      Hi Mark,

      As numbers can now be ported, it is impossible to know which operator the number belongs to.

      609 needs not belong to Movistar anymore (it used to).

      Therefore it would be impossible to tell you from the number which operator the SIM belongs to. If you have access to the SIM card, it will be indicated on the SIM card itself.


  6. MoviStar does not show up when trying to select a provider to recharge the mobile phone.

  7. amanda drake

    I am trying to top up my Spanish Movistar mobile and Movistar does not show up on the list for Spainish Provider? Any ideas?

  8. Wanda Lopez

    Can my phone movie star work in the USA?

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