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How to check your Spanish Orange credit level

If you would like to check the credit level on your Spanish Orange Pay as You Go mobile phone, follow the following instructions:

– Call 232 (free call, will be in Spanish).

– Type the following code *111# and then press the call button. The first balance check is free and the rest are charged at €0.15 plus taxes.

If you need to top up your Orange Pay as You Go mobile phone, click here to top up credit online immediately.

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  1. Simon Cottrell


    I will be travelling to Gran Canaria in August. I would like to know what if any sims will work in my pay monthly orange phone.


    • Canaries Telecom

      Hello Simon,

      Unfortunately if your mobile phone is SIM locked to your current network, Orange, no other SIM cards are likely to work in this phone.

      You could contact Orange and ask them for an unlock code (normally only provided once your contract has run it’s course) OR you could have your phone unlocked via a third party to enable any SIM to work in it.

      Sorry I do not have better news.

  2. Maureen

    Hi can you help. I live in mainland Spain and am going on holiday to UK. We are driving through France.

    I have a pay as you go Orange Phone will it work in both France and Uk.

    We are elderly and don’t want to be without a phone whilst driving.

    Many thanks

    • Canaries Telecom

      Hi Maureen,

      You should check with Orange customer care before you leave and ask them if “roaming” is turned on for your phone. From memory, pay as you go normally have roaming turned on by default. But you should call before you leave. Orange custome car number is 1414. Ask for roaming services to be turned on for your number.

      Please note that receiving and making calls from abroad costs considerably more.

      Kind regards,

      Canaries Telecom.

  3. Julie Craimer

    I have a Spanish pay as you go orange sim. How do i get my balance shown in English. ?

  4. Danniel

    Hi how can I check my balance in data? So that I will know when to top up again thx…

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